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In, coins are the currency used to buy extras such as bots, hats, custom skins, and more! There are multiple ways of getting coins, some give you more, and some give you less. As many people are familiar with the standard method for getting coins, which is just collecting them off the map when they spawn, this won't have to be explained. There are quite unfamiliar ways of getting coins in and some give you way more than others. The first way would be to do referrals. Referrals appear in the underneath the "Recieve Free Coins" title which says "[Free Coins] Invite friends." After clicking it, all you need to do to is send the link that will show up to your friends and you will receive free coins.

Gold block.png

Another strange way of getting coins is to feed the "Gold Block" which appears randomly in some parts of the map. The block is somewhat like an obstacle that slows down the movement of any blob that touches it. At first, it doesn't seem to have any purpose but upon being fed with the W key, after receiving a certain amount of mass, it will release coins.

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The final way to earn free coins is by going to the website On the website, there are multiple ways of earning coins. The rewards are listed on the task and they can be coins, a membership, and bots as well. By doing the tasks, will reward you for your support with prizes.

Make sure to support and don't forget these ways of earning free coins!