How to get referrals in agma

We all love playing and want to get our hands on the various features like bots, gold membership, powers and coins. A very easy way to do that is by and these referrals allow you to have fun playing the game and let you earn all rewards like and bots and gold membership! All you have to do is go to your shop in and then on the left side of the shop in the receive free rewards section click on [Free rewards] (Invite friends),   

then copy the link given to you on that screen and paste it and send it to anyone whether your friends or family and tell them to use this link and register an account. Every time to play and then when they will play and they will level up and once they reach level 5 then you will receive a referral. You can see your amount of referrals you have when you click on the [refresh referral count] button and then you can use your referrals in order to claim free rewards and then

enjoy your free reward and enjoy your free gold membership, bots, powers and coins!

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