Infection is a Zombies based game mode that's actually pretty enjoyable. You spawn in, and depending on where the game is on time your placed on either Humans or Zombies team. The Humans get 3 hits and then they turn into a Zombie, Whereas the zombies get I believe 7-8 hits before they die, but the zombies can respawn and they respawn with there stars.

Stars Within the game you get more and more abilities depending on how many kills you get. There're a total of 6 Levels 1) Burst faster (Faster fire rate), 2) More boost, 3)Shoot further, 4)Boost Faster, 5) Triple Shot, and 6) Backside cannon. All these abilities are unique and show alot of contempt in the developers thoughts within the game.

Bosses There're 2 bosses in the game. The Zombie Boss and The Human Boss, and they can both turn invisible.

Human Boss The Human boss is basically an overpowered version of the normal humans, but a lot bigger and doesn't have a back cannon.

Zombie Boss The Zombie boss is the same thing as the human boss. It takes more hits then normal zombies, but is a higher target because the humans get a lot of value off the boss kill.

Other Features To boost in this game mode it is Z, and its just a faster movement speed. Wood To get wood you can either do /Wood at the end of each round or you can collect the wood pellets and every 2 pellets equal one wood. Special Features A special feature about this game mode is as a human if you get 25 kills in one round you get a nuke, and that instantly kills all zombies. User: ONEGOD