Jesse1758's Agma Page is a very awesome game. I have been a player for well over a year. I am writing this to share everything I know about My username is jesse1758 incase you want to add me :))

On agma, you can easily register an account. All you need is a email, username, and password!

When you spawn in a server on you will be a circle with a size of about 1000 mass. The goal is to eat other players, by eating other players, you will gain more mass. Which is the key to winning in agma! The bigger you get. The slower you will move. However, that is no big deal. Because power-ups exist.


There are many power-ups to buy in agma. Some power-ups will only let you use a certain amount per day. You can buy power-ups with the main currency, called coins. You can buy a recombine power-up, if you are in a million pieces and someone is about to kill you, using a recombine power-up will make you instantly go back into one! There is also a 2x speed power-up which will make you move 2 times as fast, you can use it to speed up to a smaller player to catch them! There is also a growth power-up, which will give you an extra 1000 mass when you spawn. The push enemies power-up will push opponents away from you, the name of the power-up is pretty self explanatory. Using the Freeze Opponents power-up will freeze other opponents for a small amount of time, this can be very helpful if you are trying to catch someone. A spawn virus power-up exists and this power-up will spawn in a virus at wherever you place it. If you place it on another player. They will go into a million pieces because thats what viruses do. There is also a spawn mothercell power-up, and a spawn portal power-up, I will get into these later. You can buy a megaphone shout. This allows you to shout a message to all the players on agma. When a player shouts. It will appear in the top right of your screen. Last you can buy a wheel of fortune.


The wheel of fortune is a great 'minigame' that you can get rewards from. You can buy a wheel of fortune in the shop, and you will get a free wheel of fortune every day. You can activate them by clicking the "Spin to win" button on the main menu. There are 8 rewards that you can possibly win, there are 4 categories of items you can get. Green is nothing which is the most common, next is blue which is a recombine or a 2x speed. Getting a little bit more rare is the yellow category, which can reward you with a spawn mothercell power-up or a spawn portal power-up. Then there is red, which can get you a +1000 mass power-up, 50,000 coins, or even a santa hat! A santa hat is the rarest item, but if you win it, you will only have it for a certain amount of time, once another player earns it, it will be removed from your account and it will be theirs until someone else wins it.


Skins are a really cool addition to, you can customize your character with this. There are custom skins that players can make that will cost 1,000,000 coins, custom skins are also free for anyone to use. There are also some free skins that you can earn by doing a simple task, such as subscribing to a youtube channel. There are gold membership-only skins, which you will need gold membership to use. You can unlock skins by getting to a certain level or spend some coins to buy a cool skin.


Having gold membership will give you access to many features! You can get gold membership by referral rewards, which ill explain next, or buying with real money. You can choose a membership for 1 to 12 months if you buy. By being a gold member, you can get access to gold membership only skins, a golden nickname, a G crown when you chat, unlimited 2x starting mass, unlimited freeze cells, cloak invisibility, a gold crown wearable, the ability to toggle skins on minions, access to holding 2x as many powerups (ex; you can only have 9 recombines per day, with gold you can use 18 per day), and no video ads! I highly suggest you buy gold membership as all these features are amazing!


Referrals are an easy way to get free rewards by inviting friends! In order to win free rewards, you will need referral points, in order to get referral points you will need to click "shop" from the main menu, then click the receive free awards button. It will give you a referral link, to get a point, you will need to share your referral link to someone and that person that you shared it with will have click on it, then create an account if they haven't already and reach level 5 in order for you to receive a point! You can share your link anywhere you want. These are the rewards you can get. (POINTS ARE CALLED REFERRALS IN GAME)

5 Points = 50 Bots (8 hrs)

10 Points = 100 bots (24 hrs)

10 Points = Gold membership (3 days)

15 Points = Gold membership (1 week)

15 Points = 350,000 coins

20 Points = 500,000 coins

20 Points = 20 of all items (power-ups)

30 Points = 30 of all items (power-ups)


There are many wearables in agma, some wearables are exclusive to gold members and levels and the others will cost you fortune of coins. Basically these are accessories to put on your character! These can be found in the shop and here is a list of all the wearables and its price. Having a wearable is a great way to style your character :)

Witch hat (GOLD ONLY)

Scythe (600,000 coins)

Bones (500,000 coins)

Emperor Crown (1,500,000 coins)

Emperor Sceptre (1,000,000 coins)

Steampunk (1,000,000 coins)

Goggles (800,000 coins)

Green Eyes (400,000 coins)

Minion Eyes (500,000 coins)

Mustache and Glasses (700,000 coins)

Cartoon arms and legs (750,000 coins)

Evil Horns (750,000 coins)

Red Hair (800,000 coins)

Angel Halo (750,000 coins)

Angel Wings (750,000 coins)

Antlers (1,200,000 coins)

Ring of Fire (1,500,000 coins)

Pirate Eye Patch (400,000 coins)

Pirate Hat (900,000 coins)

Wooden Shield (400,000 coins)

Axe (600,000 coins)

Sword (600,000 coins)

Spikes (1,500,000 coins)

Spine ball (1,900,000 coins)

Thug Life Glasses (1,000,000 coins)

Thug Life Smoke (1,000,000 coins)

Thug Life Cap (1,200,000 coins)

Officer Hat (2,200,000 coins)

Viking Helmet (800,000 coins)

Witch Hat (900,000 coins)

Feather Hat (900,000 coins)

Blue Fedora (1,900,000 coins)

Red Cap (1,400,000 coins)

Blue Partyhat (2,147,000 coins)

Yellow Partyhat (GOLD ONLY)

Yellow Glasses (1,200,000 coins)

Jester Hat (Level 150)

Graduation Hat (Level 200)

Wizard Hat (2,900,000 coins)

Santa Hat (4,000,000 coins)


There are 4 wonderful abilities in Abilities are pretty similar to power-ups, but they are only for yourself. The freeze yourself ability lasts one day, it will freeze you by pressing the F key, and it is FREE for gold members. Another ability is the cloak invisibility, lasts one day, and makes you invisible by pressing the i key, also free for gold members. The 2x spawn size ability, once again, lasts one day, and when you spawn you are 2x size, and free for gold. The last ability is the 2x EXP, it lasts one day, and it gives you 2x EXP than normal, this ability is NOT free for gold members.


Use a touchpad or a mouse to move your character around, wherever your cursor is, it will head there. Pressing W will shoot little blobs out to feed to a mothercell, portal, another player, or a virus. By feeding a virus it will start to move. Pressing the space bar will make your blob split into 2 peices. Pressing D will trigger a double-split, it will split you into 4 peices. Pressing Z will cause your blob to split into many pieces.


A will split your bot, X will make it feed, basically like if you were pressing W, and Q will switch the bot.


Solotrick - One of the most famous tricks in, you will have to hold z for 0.5 - 1 sec then immediately hold W for about 1 sec

Cannonsplit - This trick is alot harder than the solotrick and requires a second player.

Player one will split one time until in 2 peices, then player 2 will come between player ones two pieces, then player one will split 4 times into the middle of the enemy.

Player two will then split in the enemy.


In order to do this you will need to press D to doublesplit into an enemy at the same time the enemy presses Z

(by the way, im not good at tricks myself so these are probably inaccurate)


Bots are a very good way to gain mass faster! There are 12 bot packages to choose from. Here is a list of the bot packages

Newbie pack (10 bots) (1 hour) ($0.49)

Starter pack (40 bots) (1 hour) ($0.99)

Bronze pack (50 bots) (2 hours) ($1.19)

Silver pack (80 bots) (4 hours) ($2.99)

Gold pack (100 bots) (4 hours) ($3.99)

Diamond pack (125 bots) (8 hours) ($4.99)

Ruby pack (300 bots) (24 hours) ($7.99)

Large Mass Bots (100XXL bots) (1 hour) ($6.99)

Extension pack (100 bots) (24 hours) ($5.99)

Rune pack (125 bots) (48 hours) ($9.99)

Delay Pack (300 bots) (72 hours) ($14.99)

Large XXL (100XXL bots) (24 hours) ($24.99)


In servers, you can find a gold block. By feeding these blocks they will spit out coins for you to collect! This is a fast way to farm coins in order to buy some cool items!

And thats it! This is information about that I know, I worked very hard on making this article and took quite a while to make. I would love to see your thoughts on this in the comments. Thanks for reading and enjoy your time in!

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