Your Agma keybinds are more important than you may think. They are littelry the buttons you press in order to interact with the game. Some people may not know but you are able to change those keybinds if you go into setting and then click on controls you will then see all of the keybinds and what they do. For example you can see double split is D for me in the picture.

Want to change your Binds?

If I wanted to change that I would click on that D and then click the button I want to change it to. (Scroll wheel is not an option). It's fairly simple if you are having any trouble you can easily contact mods for help through discord or through player support. If you don't like the way your binds are currently you can easily return them to default setting meaning everything that you changed will go back to what they use to be. I highly recommend using custom binds. One of them being A to macro split it will be so much easier to do any type of trick split. Give it a try for a week and see if you notice any difference from how you played before!!!

My Keybinds

My Keybinds!!!

If you didn't notice already I attempted to keep all of my keybinds as close to my left hand as possible that way I wouldn't have to move my hand all the way to the right just to do something simple such as what use to be I for invisible. (Which I changed to S) Something I also did was changed was my 3 powers Recombine, 2x Speed and 360 shot. Reason why I did this was to avoid accidentally wasting a power. At least once while playing this game you wasted a power by accident and this is something that will definitely help avoiding it.


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