Keyboard Commands


It certainly happened to you at least once, while you were playing a very quiet game, to see a player's cells, jump, smile or spin...

Have you ever thought that you can do all these things by writing just one word on the keyboard?


This page explains all the commands, what they are for and how to use them.

(while you are playing, press enter to write in the keyboard, before writing the commands):


This command allows to show you how long you have played

this command, instead, shows you your current level



this command show you rank in game


it show you how many coins that you have

this command allows you to flip your cell

this other command causes your cell to spin


Senza titolo(1).png

this command instead, allows your cell to shake

this command makes your cell laugh XD

this command allows your cell to jump

You can also use multiple commands at once, it is really fun XD exemple: "flipspinwacky" or "jumpwackyshake"

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