When a player make an account and logs in, he becomes able to gain levels. Levels are gained with EXP(experience), and EXP is gained by playing the game. The more you split and the more mass you have, lets you gain EXP faster. To gain one level, a player needs to get 100XP. When a player levels up, that player's cells will play an animation for everyone to see. This animation will look like a big explosion on your player cell to show every you leveled up .

Experience can be gained faster if a player buys 2x EXP from shop.

You can let other players know your level by typing "/level" in chat, same goes with time you have played by typeing "/hours".

Ways to level up1200

The best way to level up in is to farm on viruses. The second best way to farm in EXP in is by eating other people. Also the best server to farm viruses on is, SuperSonic NA/EU because it has a lot of them on it, you are fast improving farming speed, and it is not as populated as most servers.


Since Updates January 12, players who level up are gonna be rewarded with coins :

0-9 = 500 coins, 10-19 = 1000 coins, 20-29 = 2000 coins, 30-39 = 3000 coins, 40-49 = 4000 coins etc.


If a player keeps leveling up, he can get on the High scores chart. Currently max level is 200, but if player keeps leveling up after achieving level 200, a small yellow number is going to be placed next to their name, and that number is showing how much levels that the player has gained after reaching level 200. Right now 137 players have reached level 200. Currently the highest level is aylin21876 with level 200+244. If you want to see more high scores you must click on "More high scores"and then a page with all the users from 800th place to 1st place and their levels are going to show up on the right of their names. Players who are Gold Members are going to have a Golden Crown next to their names.


When players level up, on every tenth level that player is going to receive a new skin also once you reach level 100 skin it will be every fifty levels. The first skin a player gets will be the Fish skin. which you will receive at level 10. Currently there are to 28 level skins. To see level skins go to shop, then click on Skins, and finally click on Level.

By FilipCro125

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