Limited Edition Items

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Everyone who has played knows that there are a lot of things available to them, such as power-ups, skins, wearables, and gold membership. But one thing that you may not be aware of is the limited Edition items. Limited Edition skins and wearables have been added, and give more to you as a player. The only thing about them, is that they are limited for certain times ONLY. Meaning that there is only certain days that you can obtain these items if you have enough money for them.

An example of this is the Black Friday exclusive skins that are in the shop. You can view them at any time, but they are unable to be purchased due to the fact that they are limited for that specific day to get them. Although it is annoying to not be able to get these items whenever you want, it can be cool to have an item that others do not or cannot. Youtubers like Magma and Firebone have these skins and wearables that are exclusive to and have shown them off fabulously. So although it may take time to get these items, the reward is totaly worth it.

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