Miracle Script[1] is a fun script to use, it is used for many different things! With it's help you can use many different chat commands in In vanilla, you can say "/level" in the game chat or you can say "wacky" and see a funny little face. But with Miracle Script, you can do much more than just that! It is not cheating and it is allowed in the game, with about 4,000 players using it already. You can for example say "/powerups".


  • ⭐ Bookmark your favorite custom skins!
  • ♻️ Quickly change between skins by typing /skin1 etc. in the chat! To store the current skin, type "/skin1 this". You can also use the skin ID, for example "/skin1 11". To get the ID simply pick a skin in the menu - the ID will be displayed!
  • 🤣 Animation script! Press a key and a randomly animation - including /wacky - will be written to the chat. Just press "ENTER" to start it! Very helpful to "spam" animations. The key to press is CTRL.
  • 💃 Dance script! Let you cell dance! Press END to start, then it will dance until you press END again! Meanwhile you can play animations! Or hold W!
  • ❤️ Copy + paste script! Press a key and a prompt will appear. Now paste text or emojis here! That will appear in the chat box. The key to press is POS1.
  • 📝 Chat log script! See the whole chatlog, copy parts of it, and double click on a message to translate it! Simply press L!
  • 📢 Custom commands: Type "time" into the chatbox and press ENTER to see the local time. Type "online" to see for how many minutes you are online and "/alive" to see for how long you are alive. You can also type "ping" and "fps"! Or "/linesplit"! Or "/waste"! Or "/alive", or "/online"! Or "/powerups"! Type "/miraclehelp" to see all available commands.
  • 🕒 Timer: Type "/timer 10" in the chat to set a timer that expires after 10 minutes! You can also do "/timer 2 hours". Type "/timer" to see the reamining time.
  • 📙 Add aliases to player accounts and take notes! The alias will be displayed in the friends list.

How to Install Miracle Script.

Many people have been asking how to use/get Miracle Script. It isn't that complicated. This guide will be showing you a step by step way to get Miracle Script for

1. You are going to need an extension called TamperMonkey.** You can get it by using the google web store, or if you are on Firefox you can do this by going to this link: And if you are on google just use this link:

2. Then what you are going to need to do is go to this link right here: Then once you have clicked that you are going to want to look over it to see if you want it or not and press install.

3. Now you might need to enable it by pressing the TamperMonkey extension and pressing enable, it will have a little green checkmark if you have done this right.

4. Now you have gotten Miracle Script for! Now a way to check this is if you have a script next to your spectate button. Miracle Script.PNG

You can press this and do whatever you want with it!


** = Tampermonkey is a donationware user script manager that is available as a browser extension. This software enables the user to add and use user scripts, which are JavaScript programs that can be used to modify web pages.