So Here Are Some Other Facts About Did You Know That Had A Forum Page? If You Did No Go And Check It Out For You're Self At And They Also Have A Youtube channel (PS IF YOU HAVEN'T SUBSCRIBED YET DO IT)


After You Subscribe Play The Game

They Also Have A Discord Server (JOINNN NOWW) If You HAVEN'T Joined It Yet WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFEEE Join It Now i think the invite is invalid now tho ill update the link soon You Could Become A Gold Member By Buying It Or Wining Their Give Aways Orrrrr here So Thats ALL I KNOW ABOUT AGMA.IO FOR NOW Nahhhh jk is like and other great games but its better Cause It Has Bots Portals Magnets +1000 Mass And Sooooooooo Many More DId You Also Know They Have HaTs I Know HaTssssss So What Are You Waiting Forrrr LOve me Like You Do Lololove me like you do nah jk Waht Are You Waiting For Go Play it now for free is the besttt