In there are many servers to have fun play around and tricksplit and popsplit. What pop splitting is, it is a type of trick to kill an enemy. What the concept is, it can kill an enemy in no time flat. If you have double the mass of the person you are trying to eat and he is near a virus you can do it. What you do is you double split into them they get big and pop since they were right next to a virus, and your next part eats them because you double split. It is not that hard of a trick to do, anyone can do it! Then there are more complicated ways of doing it like if the person has 2 parts and you can then popsplit one part and proceed to kill him. It also a a good way to prove your pro! The server PopSplit Paradise is a good server to popsplit on. the viruses are regular so it does work. You can split only into 16 pieces but that does not effect popspliting as much. I hope all of you people found this interesting and if you need any help you can play with me ingame i usually play on Europe PopSplit paradise because that is the easiest server to popsplit on.

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