Powerups' tactics

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In Powerups are very important, they can be very dangerous for your opponent if you use correctly them.

-The "recombine powerup"

The most popular powerups, you can have it for free with the wheel or buy it in the shop. (9,000) It's a must have in crazy where players often (so often...) pop virus on you.

In Crazy : The recombine pellets is very useful when you are popped a lot of players will go on you. Wait the last moment and press E. Now, the other players are splitted (the most part of time in 4) you just have to split too and eat them.

Other mode : In other mode recombine pellets is not as useful, it can be use in agar.ioforums when you fight against teamers or when you want to "troll" players ; split your cell 8 (6, 10 ...) times, when someone split on yourself use the recombine powerup and eat him.

-The "speed powerup"

A very good powerups too, it's a polyvant powerup whose good in all mode. (not a lot in X-test server, X-insta...). The first use of this powerup is for escape but in Supersonic mode it's a powerup whose can eat a splited cell very fast.

-The virus

In my opinion it's one of the best powerup, but nobody use it. (I don't know why) In crazy you can litterally destroy other players. Put the virus in front of the cell of a big players and just do a cannonsplit. If you want to be crual just put the virus not far from someone and do a popsplit.


-Mother cell

A neverused item, you just can use it in experimental mode to farm it.


The portal is a crual item. One of the most hated item. It's the devil of crazy mode. Put him on map, destroy a team. Put 5 portals and be hated.

Whit the portal you can do a very funny troll. Put the portal in the middle on your cell, wait a moment and use froze. If someone go on you, he will be teleport. (but not you)

-Megaphone Shout

The best item of all time, you can shit shouting (yes it's a sport) and shout at all servers how you love Unicorn.

-Farm coins

Enjoy yourself with the farm... The farm is not really interisting but it's the only way to have gold fast whitout paying.

1) Go in a server where there is not a lot players (like Supersonic or agar.ioforums),

2) find the gold block, put it in one of the corner of the map,

Capture d’écran 2018-04-22 à 21.06.08.png

3) Spam W and wait

/It's better to have macro feed\

if use do this fabulous trick you can gain not far from 80K or more in one day.

-Farm level

The best way to farm level in is to team in Crazy or gigantic mode. And that's all. Press th split key and Press the split key, feed your partner and press...

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