INTRODUCTION is the Latest ¨.io ¨game on the planet!!! Like all games on the planet, there are benefits and weaknesses in them. happens to have more benefits, at least to my experience! See them for yourself below! I love, and I hope you are able to enjoy agma too!


Agma User Interface.jpg

-Skins make your cell more unique and custom. There are many different skins for many different occasions. You can see them right below the main menu to the right.

-Power ups are used in the game: Rec, Speed, Portal, Spawn Virus, and more! Power ups add fun to the game as you can prank people, and get advantages over other. Skins UI.png

-You are able to chat with people on the server using the chat option. This is fun to do because humans are social animals.

-There is a coin system where you earn coins in the game area, and redeem them for various things like bots, abilities. I don´t know about you, but this seems satisfying to me. This might also be true for you!


***I am not trying to say is a bad game. It is a Good Game. Nothing is perfect in the world, so this game is not perfect either.***

-The chat can get hyped up really easily. Cursing can be commonplace in this game, but luckily, you are able to mute players by double tapping their names, and selecting ¨Mute Player.¨ You can also unmute players at any time by using the same button.

-Some people target other people, and continuously eat them. This gets very frustrating very quickly. If this targeting issue is a problem, the best solution is to change servers. There are many servers to choose from in agma. Examples include SOLO, Megasplit AS, and Supersonic EU.


So this article was a brief intro to the many many pros and cons to I seemed to enjoy the game a lot, but it is okay if it is not fun for you-we are all different in this world. Thanks for reading my article. I will be posting a Youtube video over at Magma , so be on the lookout for a video review soon!