So, here you are, with a random one hundred push powerups. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large cell appears nearby, and you quickly get eaten. Unless you are Beetle. But could you have done something different? Yes, you spamming padawan, you could have. Rewind 3 seconds, he is about to split, when you, cheeky old you, spam that powerup, and no one can get close to you. I saw this in a video somewhere, so if you find it, please post it on this page. (←and remove this sentence)

Now, how do you get all of these? You need either coins, or a lot of spare time. How to you get spare time? I don't know, I do not own you. But I can tell you how to get coins. If you are logged in, beside your coins amount on the main page, there is the unduly-dreaded buy coins button. Get the coins, buy the powerups, and troll like a champ. Getting coins also helps support the awesome staff and Devs.