----------------------------Tricks, Tips and How to play-------------------------------

I will teach you how to become a pro in selffeed by teaching you all the tricks I know.

  • How to play: to feed yourself you hold w and z and you grow, the objective of all the tricks is to perform your trick before your opponent is about to split. Try to stay as one cell by pressing z in the middle of all your cells and merging. Try your best and follow the pattern your opponent makes and try to split before they do and eat them. is following so you can This will make it so it's harder or not able for your opponents to eat you. Unless they are bigger than you - Duh


This is a link to Poison's selffeed tutorial where he demonstrates practically all of the tricks listed:

  • --------------Tricks-------------
  • 1. The most simple trick is the doublesplit or the 4x. To do this, you simply press D. This splits you into four as quickly as possible, instead of pressing space twice. This can be a short-range attack or a medium-range attack.
  • 2. The 8x split, -Note: the X placed in front of the number is the number of times you split, anyways. To do this trick you place your mouse cursor in a straight line far from your cell and press these letters in this sequence, space then D. This can be used as a medium-range attack.
  • 3. The 16x split, This trick is a long-range attack, for when opponents are splitting far away. To do this trick you must place your mouse cursor on your opponent's cell, then press d twice with short pauses, this will give you a line split looking attack that will come in handy later.
  • 4. The 32x split, This trick has some flaws but can be sneaky and hard to see coming. This trick is a medium-range attack and is pretty easy to do. To do this trick, you must have about 100k mass, then once you have that press t and then d. When practicing this trick, you will later perfect the timing and you have mastered the trick.
  • 5. The 64x split, I have to say, this is a very effective short-range attack and is not hard to do. To do this, you must have a small piece of mass beside your bigger cell, the bigger the small cell is, the less mass it takes in. But again, If you have barely any mass it won't work. Make sure your small cell is close to your big cell but not too close that it merges. Then, put your cursor on the small cell, and hold z for about a second. It takes a little bit of practice to do this trick.

There, I have taught you all the tricks I know. This may be a bit boring to read and annoying to comprehend, learning all of these tricks and mastering them, will make you a selffeed god :) - Pain