Selffeed guide from an experienced player

I have been playing the selffeed gamemode for a long time now, and got a lot of experience to share with you. This guide has everything you need to know about selffeed and become a master at this gamemode!


The very first thing you should do is set up comfortable keybinds. I normally use W for macro feed, Z for macro split, R for triplesplit and T for double. The rest stays the same as it is. I keep my 5th finger on Z, my 4th on W, my 3rd on R, my 2nd on T and my 1st on the Spacebar.

Once you have your keybinds finished, I will teach you basic selffeeding with some tips.

Selffeeding in Selffeed server

The server is named selffeed, because you can feed yourself and grow without eating other players! To easily selffeed just hold W and Z. In selffeed servers you recombine instantly, making it much easier to selffeed! You will see your mass grow fast when you hold W and Z! But... when you are selffeeding you are in many pieces constantly, making it easy for other players to eat you. They can either split once (onesplit) or split twice (doublesplit) into you and eat you in an instant. So here is another way to still selffeed fast but not get eaten! Press W and Z for a third of a second then point your mouse at the center of the screen, letting go of W and Z. You will split and recombine fast, but selffeed as well! Start using this method when 50k or above, since this is the mass when people are interested in eating you!

Learning how to grow beyond the selffeed limit

Triplesplit when the other player is being predictable

Just selffeeding doesn't make you grow too huge, no. To get huge you need to eat other players. I will now be talking about that. When you see a player, they can have a split pattern. What I mean by that is a series of short selffeed split-recombines that have a specific interval between eachother, for example split, one second then again split. If you notice such a pattern, either doublesplit or triplesplit (split three times) at them at the moment when you think they will split again. This may seem hard at first, but the more you do it the better you will get at it. But other people can do the same to you, so make sure you don't have a split pattern, for example split, half a second then again split, 2 seconds, split, 1 second and so on, basicially just be unpridictable and take advantage if someone else is being predicatble.

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