Skins in Agma are a great way to show your personality in the game. While useless in functionality, you can flaunt your level—or coins—by using one. Currently, there are 5 skin subsets. Some can only be obtained by using coins, achieving certain levels, or purchasing a Gold Membership (see Gold Membership). Currently, there are over 150 skins created by Agma, and over 1000 skins submitted by fans!

Free Skins

As of April 12 2019, there are 57 skins that can be used by any Agma player at no cost. 11 of these skins can be used after subscribing to some of Agma's content creators on YouTube. Also, 1 skin can be used after visiting and "liking" Agma's Facebook page.

Level Skins

As of April 12 2019, there are 24 skins that can be used by Agma players after achieving certain in-game "levels", or ranks to show how far the player has come since starting to play the game. Every 10th level from 1-40, a player will receive 1 skin. At levels 50 and 60, players will receive 2 skins each time. Every 10th level from 61-90, a player will receive 1 skin. When a player reaches level 100, they receive 3 skins, then another 1 at level 150. The final 8 skins are given out at levels 200 (6 skins), level 250 (1 skin) and level 300 (1 skin).

Coin-Bought Skins

There are currently 47 skins that are purchasable using the in-game currency. They range in price from 20,000 coins to 1,000,000 coins. These skins are commonly seasonal or limited edition, but several are available year-round.

Gold Skins

These skins are available only to Agma Gold members. After purchasing or receiving a Gold Membership, players gain access to these exclusive 27 skins.

Custom Skins

Custom skins are some of the most creative aspects of Agma. They allow users to pull from any appropriate pictures on the Internet and use them as skins. To create a skin, users can spend 1,000,000 in-game coins to unlock a slot, which can then be filled with a picture from the Internet.

After a custom skin is approved, users can make it a public skin or a private skin. Should they choose to make it private, only they can use the skin. If, however, they select to make it a public skin, anybody who plays Agma can use the skin for free. There are currently over 1,000 user-submitted skins underneath the Custom Skin subset, and it's growing every day.