SlowSplit VirusFarm Experimental Server (Europe)

On SlowSplit VirusFarm, you basically farm viruses. The name of the server pretty much sums the server up in itself. You split slow, farm viruses, and there's mothercells (They're only in experimental).


On this server, you can only split up into 16 pieces. Also, like I said before, your splitting is slow. Basically when you split, your piece moves slowly and doesn't go that far, pretty much the opposite of the splitting mechanics in I do not recommend you try to popsplit on this server, because it is very difficult as the person you try to popsplit, when they eat the virus, will have one big center piece and then have small pieces shoot out of that cell. So, you're probably not going to be able to eat them, but they'll probably end up eating you. It's a little hard to splitrun on this server, with a teammate and bots, because you split slow and you can only be into a max of 16 pieces, so it will definitely be difficult. I know this because I've tried before.


The viruses only take one mass shot to shoot them, so that's why people farm viruses on this server, because one mass shot is a lot less than the mass of a virus, so it's easy to get big from them quick. There are also mothercells on this server, which can eat you, and absorb your mass shots. However, they shoot the mass back out all around them so you can collect that mass. I always like to feed it some mass, and then split around it and eat the mass it puts out, and when splitting around it in a circle, your back piece will go into the mothercell so it shouldn't really slow down and get back to it's normal size. You can also shoot viruses into the mothercell to make it get big quick.

Secret Rooms

As for secret rooms, there is none on this server but that doesn't mean you can't use powerups.

By: Giostarr