Have you ever wanted to win a Solo Battle Royale match? If so, this wiki page explains everything you need to know to become a Solo Battle Royale master!

Before you continue reading, you should keep these things in mind:

You cannot use powerups in this gamemode.

You cannot eject mass into a player (However, you can eject mass if the player isn't immediately eating the mass)

Alright, you are now ready to become a champion at Battle Royale! (Solo)

Early Game

You should start collecting some Growth Potions to help you achieve a good amount of starting mass. You should then start farming for some viruses, and if a player tries to eat you, you should always make sure to recombine in time. After you've reached ~8000 mass, you should start heading for some smaller players. If you have reached 15000 mass before the first barrier is shrinking, you are ready to go. 

This is what the Growth Potion looks like.

After the first barrier is done shrinking, you should start going aggressive on people. An aggressive but dangerous way to easily gain mass from larger players than you, is to shoot viruses at them. Viruses can go really far from a single ejection of a blob in Battle Royale.

Mid game

When you have around 30000 mass, you are ready to start splitting in 16 pieces (1875 mass each) you should start hunting down for people who are in need of a Growth Potion (Ghost form) to stop them to respawn in the game. If you successfully do it, you should eliminate the opponent, and you should earn a kill point to the top left of your screen. Keep in mind that you should stay away from larger players than 10000 mass, because they can easily split and earn all of your mass that you worked hard on.

Ghost Form on Battle Royale (all types)

If you have been caught by a person that is 10000 mass larger, sorry! It feels very tense when you see larger players, especially when you are in the end game, where things start getting really tense. Viruses can get caught in you, and someone else can win just because of that. Be careful at all times! Never lose your eyes on the screen, unless something happening outside of

End Game

When the second to last barrier is paused, you should start going super safe, because the players have a high chance of shooting a virus at you, getting the mass, then end up killing you, which isn't very fun to look at. If you do not die during this period, congrats! Start splitting for the biggest people (If you can't try to let a virus spawn and shoot it at the opponent) Then split! You should then clear out the rest of the people in the lobby, and you should be successful! Congrats on winning a very tough gamemode! You can keep trying, but you shouldn't be able to reach #1 on kills and wins. if you do, congrats on being the #1 person in the entire agma community!

Conclusion (tl;dr) => (too long; didn't read)

Battle Royale (Solo) is very tough to win, but if you are really good on other servers, you should use your skills that you currently know to bash those opponents!

By: messyarts