Strategies For More Mass, Coins, and XP


Getting more mass is the original purpose of games like If you have the most mass of anyone on the server, than you are number one. Often times a new player gets to the top of the leaderboard and feels like he or she beat the game There is a lot more to the game than getting 1st place once. You are only truly advancing in the game if you find the strategies to defend yourself and gain mass. The more strategies you learn, the more likely you are to get on the leaderboard on a consistent basis. Many strategies involve utilizing secret rooms in the game, but I have already wrote an article on this, so feel free to check it out. I will not mention the rooms in any of my strategies listed below.

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    The Virus Strategy

This strategy is widely used, although it is more helpful on servers where you can recombine quickly. In this strategy, you use viruses to gain mass without splitting anyone else. There are two ways of pulling this off. The first way is to split all around the map, looking for viruses and letting yourself split on them. What some new players don't know is that when someone splits on a virus, they gain mass. The amount of mass gained depends on your server, but is about the same proportionally. I will use the server as my example. When you start a game on this server, your starting mass will be about 100 mass if you are a non-gold member. Eating a virus will make you gain about 30-35 mass. The second method is by feeding a virus. Again, I am using as my example. In this server, it takes 17 mass to create a new virus. The way you use this to your advantage is by creating many more viruses using 17 mass, then gain 13-18 mass per virus you have created. You will want to find a virus far away from any other players for this method.

2. Split strategy

This strategy is not easy to pull off but is very effective once you get the hang of it. For this strategy, you have to split into very small pieces and run towards a cell about the same mass as you, but not split up. Once you are close, the player will most likely try to split and eat you. Your job is to recombine as fast as possible, so that when the other player splits, you eat the half he split into you, at which point you should be big enough to split and eat him whole. You will more than likely fail this strategy on your first dozen attempts or so, but when you figure it out, you will be doubling your mass in no time.


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If you are low on coins, or just looking to get more, you are in luck. When I am low on coins, I always head to my personal favorite server, This strategy will work on many other servers but is the best on this particular server.

  1. Coin Run

The strategy is to forget about mass, XP, or anything else besides coins. To go on a coin run, all you must do is avoid other players and constantly be on the move. You should not spend a second still if you are searching for coins. Always be splitting or recombining, using the split strategy if you think someone is trying to eat you. Pick up as many coins as possible and stay small so that you can keep moving fast.

2. Rewards

To complete a reward, click the link attached to the word reward. This is pretty self-explanatory, so just read the directions and complete a task of your choice.


There is only one strategy regarding XP, which is to buy a 24-hour double XP power-up. During these 24 hours, you should spend a good amount of time on You should be using the mass strategies above, and/or any of your own. XP levels are raised by the amount of mass you gain, so worry only about mass during these 24 hours. This strategy can be very beneficial, because people always respect high level players, whether they are scared of messing with them, or want to join a party. I have used this strategy many times and watched my level rocket at an insane rate!

Good luck!


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