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Supersonic servers are currently the newest servers in Agma. They were released couple of days after Agma Updates 05 April 2018. Speed at this servers is much faster than on other servers so its hard to team and its everything about reflexes.Supersonic is divided into two servers,and that are Supersonic EU (located in Europe) and Supersonic NA (located in North America). Game mode is Free For All

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  • Trowing mass at viruses will push them and not split them (same as on Gigantic and Giant server)
  • Start mass on both servers is 320
  • Value of coins on both servers is 200 while value of coins from Golden Bar is 100
  • Max. amount of mass u can have on 1 cell is 40k
  • There is not auto-split
  • At the beginning there was no secret room which is same as on SlowSplit VirusFarm and FastSplit VirusFarm but it has been add. The "door" of the secret room is situated at the bottom-left of the map.
By FilipCro125