Welcome to my second Wiki page.

This is my Wiki page about (mostly, anyway) all the youtubers that ay agma, as I want each small and impossible-to-find youtuber that plays agma to be at least as big Beetle or Lilian are. I sort these youtubers by relevance, at least, according to youtube.

Without further ado, let's check them out:


Magma rocks! Being the most subscribed youtube channel, (except for Kolibri), of course, his vids are awesome. You should really check out his channel and his vids, because they're really cool and sometimes funny too. Make sure to subscribe to his youtube channel and make his 50K subs dream come true. He uploads about once per week or two. Be sure you don't say Pepsi is better than Coca Cola, because he will know and he will make you pay.


Kingsly is good (god) at the crazy server and you should check it out. Doesn't upload many vids, but they're still really good. Since nobody really plays at the crazy server anymore, Kingsly is a unique youtuber with some skills on that server.


Azari tells about some cool tricks and skills you might not have known while playing agma. You should pay his channel a visit, as Azari uploads almost everyday! Also really good at Selffeed servers, including split-run and instant.


Firebone's vids are probably the best (just my opinion, no offense). Uploads once or twice per month, but, of course, Firebone's vids are really good edited and fun, as I keep watching them over and over each time I get the chance. Also check out Rick's channel, a good friend of Firebone's, as the two of them are probably the tricksplit gods of agma.


Also a friend of Firebone, Alex has played probably longer than I can remember. He never plays agma without his good friends, Master, Lilian, etc. You should check out his youtube channel, though he doesn't upload vids much. I wish I were friends with Alex on agma since we share the same name in real life.


Master is the master at agma. Being friends with the developer, Sora, he uploads many vids that are really cool and fun. My dream is to have a youtube channel as big as his, though I know I'll never reach it because I really can't find a trustable source cam for recording my vids.


A friend of Aldy's, the two of them seem to be impossible to defeat (trust me, I tried to before). Check out his youtube channel, because his vids are really good too. Lilian uploads almost every week and sometimes plays other cool .io game, like, which I really like.


Like Beetle and Xwiz, Jxki is a reverse god and really good at editing vids, you should check Jxki's channel out. He helps edit some really good moments or even whole vids!


IG not only plays agma but other cool games, like GTA 5. He's probably the oldest youtuber, because I'm pretty sure his oldest vid on agma was, like, 2 years ago, along with other vids that are as old as 4 years ago! Very addicted to bots, somebody should help him (XD).


Isn't really uploading much, probably once every 2 to 3 months, but you should still check him out!

Adam Ol Dostum:

He is thinking about deleting his channel in 250 chapters (please don't, Adam :(((), so go visit his channel as much as you can, as his vids are awesome! Having more than 100 chapters of montages so far, he has really played agma for a really long time.


I don't know much about Pajoli, but he sure visits agma a lot! Each time I play agma, I'm pretty sure I see Pajoli in chat every single time. So check out Pajoli's channel if you haven't already.


I'm pretty sure Atomical is dead in agma because he doesn't upload agma vids anymore. But still check out his channel, as he plays other cool .io games, including!


A young youtuber, Fossa has grown his youtube channel really fast. I'm sure he'll reach his goal of 20K in no time, so be sure to subscribe to his youtube channel.


General is a good youtuber too because he has the most views on his channel because they’re so good. I love to watch them in my spare time.


I don't know much about GenWar, although himself uses his skin a lot, so I'm guessing GenWar is friends with Sora as well. Click subscribe on his channel if you like GenWar!


Tornado is good friends with Firebone as well, and Tornado donates a lot, so be sure to check out Tornado's youtube channel if you want to see vids like Firebone's.


Storm has played for a long time now, so I'm sure he deserves to get at least 1K subs, so be sure to look at his youtube channel.


Hunter is friends with Adam Ol Dostum, so if you like Adam's channel, be sure to visit Hunter's channel as well, because he only uploads vids each week or so.


Not only does he play agma, but he also sometimes makes vids on and more! Be sure to check his channel out if you want to see vids like what Lilian did.


TMP loves solotricks, especially when big, though his vids are sometimes really cringy. So go check out his channel if you like the freeze ability along with solotricks.

TW James:

TWJ is a really funny youtuber, uploading (live streaming) each week or so. Be sure to check out TWJ's channel if you like vids like TMP's.


Tony is a young youtuber who likes to be in the Megasplit server, so if you want to see him, be sure to go there and sub to his channel.


Like Tony, Zeus is into the Megasplit server. Go sub to his channel and make his dream of 1K subs come true.


My favorite youtuber, Beetle is definitly the reverse god of agma. His views are insane, so check out his channel and sub to it. I think he is a really talented youtuber, with only 33 vids and 6K subs, he is legendary, and might even beat Magma as most subs in the future.


Xwiz is also a reverse god, so go check out his channel if you like Beetle, as I don't know how he does and fits so many reverses in each vid he makes.


Like, Tornado, Iceyy donates a lot. Iceyy's vids are a little laggy but are fun to watch, so be sure to check out Iceyy's channel on youtube.


Poke is a game developer as long as a huge youtuber as well. He makes cool vids and visits agma a lot, so he is a pretty good agma youtuber.


Nini is pretty good at agma edits, so if you need help trying to edit a good moment, ask Nini! She also plays agma sometimes at the Selffeed server, so go check out her channel.

And thats it. Please, I hope this article helped you find a new favorite youtuber, as this article itself took me more than 5 hours to write. I had a longer version of youtubers, but it was deleted and I got mad, sorry.

If you didn't see, go check out my other Wiki, which I put my time on very seriously too.

Good luck!

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