The Best Trick in


The Linesplit Overlay is one of the best scripts in the game. With this script you can form perfect linesplits, which has more reach, and can kill everyone in an instant.

But did you know, that if you combine solotricks, and the linesplit overlay, you get the best trick in

Here is the script for linesplit overlay (All credits goes to Wynell for this game changing script <3)

Almost every reverse youtuber uses this trick to do some impressive and impossible reverses!

Dragondri's x128 World Record Reverse :

But the true way to kill the whole server is the Line solotrick.

Here's some context to find this trick.

- The trick is at 1:40. Notice Dragondri's mouse placements.

- Notice the controls and trick used to do this.

Have you watched it? Lets take a closer look. For the trick, Dragondri puts his cursor on the right circle, holds z than freezes. He than puts his cursor to the left circle, and holds w. One of the cells face experiential growth. He holds w until he is the right size to kill no1 and 2 (Lusual and Lexi). He than presses f and kills both of them, becoming no1 in an instant.

- Don't worry about the locked cursor, he does this because he is pro. I don't think it helps tho.