Many experienced players know about a secret room underneath the map of If you don't know what the secret room is, there is another article that explains it. What many experienced players don't know, is that there is a second secret room. If you go into the first room, you will see a portal. The portal is a purple circle that teleports you to a different place on the map. If you feed this portal, it will shoot back large purple pellets. This is the transportation device you will use to get to the second secret room.

  1. Feed the portal until it shoots out pellets
  2. Make sure no one else is feeding the portal and that you only feed it exactly the amount of times needed for it to shoot out pellets
  3. Feed the portal exactly 7 more times, making sure you are the only one feeding it
  4. Enter the portal

Now you are in the second room! This room has no green pellets like the other room does or pellets of any kind. There will usually be 3 powerups that make you grow, one recombine power, and one speed power. The portal will take you back into the regular map, but now you are big and have powerups.

Good Luck!