Hello, today i'm going to be talking about the secret room... Some may not know this fantastic feauture of the game we all love ( so i'm going to explain it with as best details as i can.

P.S if i get a fact or missed something out please let me know and i'll update on the wiki 

What the secret room is

The secret room is basically a room, that in my information is located in every single server. The secret room is a room (obviously) that is located on the bottom left of every server and can be full of awesome things! You can go to the secret room if your stuck and need a place to hide from all of the other agma player but keep in mind some other players might be in there aswell and also if you need to grind coins (we'll talk about that later,)

What's in the secret room

Well... First of all... there is a Portal that is in the secret room that is used for either trying to go in a random place on the map or once again escape an enemy. Secondly there are pellets/mass which are in the secret room so if you really wanted you can play normally and get bigger while in the secret room. In my opinion this next fact is the most useful feature that's in the secret room... it is the perks/powerups that spawn in it! In my knowledge there are only three perks that actualy spawn in the secret room: the x2 speed powerup, the growth powerup (+1000 mass) and finally the recombine powerup. The most common of these powrups is the growth powerup that spawn once every one minute and the other two powerups come in, in a sertain time. Finally, it's the last but definetly not the least feature and it is the Gold brick! The gold brick is seen in the secret room But keep this in mind it is ONLY in CRAZY mode! The gold brick is used for farming coins buy alot of people, you use the on the gold brick and after a bit of giving your to it, it will give out coins!!! 

Where it is

I know i already mentioned this fact but i just want to clear things up. So! the secret room is found on the bottom left of the server, keep in mind that it is not exactly in bottom left so you may have to move you cell a bit to the right!