On the Greatest .io game there is you can choose different modes and servers that fit your skill level. As well as many servers and modes the one that i love the best is the "Giant" game mode because its easy to get lots of mass when you spawn in because when you self feed you don't lose mass and at the right time then you might just get lucky and bait someone in and the server is really easy to pop split on. But... my favorite trick on the server "Giant" is the trick i like to call the "solo cannon" and the solo cannon is where if you buy slight of hand and macro split from the shop or get gold when your at 30k and stops around 50k you can hold the "W" key then hold the "Z" key you will feed all of your cells into one big cell then eats the enemy opponent when you fly forward in a very fast pace. That is why i love it is very fun with lots of cool and awesome strategies.