Now you may be a fan of the original, but let me tell you this, times have changed in the .io world!

With the many game types like Crazy, Instant and Popsplit Paradise, no longer do you have to spend 10 mins wandering around the map having to wait for the right oppotunity get that No.1 spot. is a fast paced, ever changing game, where you mix luck, with reaction time, speed and tactics to achieve your goal.

A lonely circle you start off as, attempting to eat all other circles around you, but watch out, some players may be working together, so you may want to grab yourself a friend to help, or watch some Jumbo or Wun Wun on YouTube!

if you’re ever struggling in Agma, or literally just want to have some added fun, the abilities and bots are what you want! Abilities to be able to speed up, to catch that pesky player inches away from you, or a quick recombine so you don’t have to worry about anyone eating your hard earned mass when you’re in small pieces!

Bots are your friends, they will constantly make you bigger whilst also acting as a second player for you to control at will! Certainly a must to try out!

If you get bored with just your circle, don’t you worry, let’s you personalise yours, from a selection or free skins, to creating your own , and even wearables like Santa hats snd Party Hats (someone’s played runescape!)

If you feel like standing out a little higher than everyone else yourself, membership is available to access Agma’s full range of skins, constant fast feed/splitting etc, deffo one for the true lovers of the game!

In summery, if you’re ever a human that feels bored, 100% go check out, and soon be waving goodbye to that boredom!