The right click (Contextmenu) Party/Friend Invite

Hello, Today i'm going to be talking about the Right click... This feature is a must do for any teaming, friending and more! I am going to explain this subject with detail and much more with the best of my ability.

P.S if i get a fact or missed something out please let me know and i'll update on the wiki.

What the Agma Contextmenu (Right click) is

So, first of all the right click is a feature which is in that help players play there game. To use the right click you have to right click on a player/friend there are five different setting you can choose from (i will talk about that later) each has it's own ability.

What the contextmenu/right click does

Before you read this look at the paragraph before this if you haven't already to know what it is. But in this paragraph i'm going to be talking about What it does (as it says on the title/heading) Well, firstly lets go back to the fact that there are five different settings you can choose from and all with its own ability.


the first option/setting is in my opinion the most useful option and it is the "Invite player to party" option, this option lets you invite the player that you have right clicked on into your party. If the player you have requested to go in you party accepts the invitation, you can see the player's where abouts on the map (if you have the map setting on) and also you see the name on the top left of the screen.


The second setting allows you to add the player you have right clicked as a friend (but you have to wait till that player excepts before you're actually friends on the game.


The third setting helps you to PM The player (PM= Private Message) so the message that you've sent to the player isn't public to anyone other than that player.


The 4th setting is a bit like the 3rd setting but instead of sending a private

message you're sending a message that only you're party can see.


The 4th setting allows you to leave the party that you're already in.

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