1.) Be aware that if you want to eat your opponent's cell, you cell must be at least 55% larger than their cell. If your cell is 50% to 54% larger, you will not be able to eat the opponent's cell, and if your cell is more than 54% smaller than their cell, they will eat you.

2.) If you have a lower device, feel free to turn off some default settings like Skins, Names, Wearables, Fancy grid, Show mass, etc.

3.) When you are sure that you are teaming with another player, let them eat your smaller cell. If you split from a virus and eat their smaller cell, they can split from it.

4.) It is recommended that you should find a teammate when you are at least No 10 on the Leaderboard because it would be easier to become 1st place.

5.) If a group of large cells surround you when you're small, be as unpredictable as possible so they can't doublesplit to eat you. (The best option is to go behind a virus or to be near other big cells.)

6.) Close all other tabs and windows and play in Full Screen mode [F11] for the best performance and better gameplay speed.

7.) If you spot a team, and you're playing solo, stalk them until they make a mistake that allows you to separate them. Next, use your skills to defeat the larger teammate. However, be careful NOT to do this to teams 2x times your mass.

8.) For better gameplay and better teaming it is good to buy in a shop Macro Split and Sleight of Hand.Macro Split cost only 24,000 coins for one day and it allows player to split immediately to x16 pieces when player press Z key and Sleight of Hand cost 33.000 coins and it allows player to fast eject mass be simply holding down W key

9.) You will often die when you're small so try to obtain a resonable size before spliting for other cells with space

10.) The most likely way you'll be big right now is by eating a big cell who got split too much (first begin with eating a little piece and then you'll be abble to eat him all)

11.) If you are cornered near border and there is virus nearby,you can split yourself on the wall so your cells will reflect from wall and pass on other side of virus


1.) Since Crazy is the most popular server,you should fast find a teammate.

2.) Lot of players don't know that you can drop items from your inventory when you are in SPECTATE mode.With this you can help your teammate if you are eaten

3.) Use edges and corners to your advantage because when you are bigger than your opponent and your opponent is trapped on edge of map,there is no escape for him unless he respawn

4.) Don't divide your cell immediately on start because other players will eat you


1.) The best strategy is to shot viruses on solo players and then eat them

2.)On start you can immediately divide yourself for easier eating dots

3.)There is a possibility that RECOMBINE POWERUP would spawn

X_EU Instant

1.) Max amount of mass one cell can have is 40,000

2.) It is good to always be devided into 2 pieces

3.) Your cells,when divided are gonna immediately connect

4.) Be careful of viruses because if you hit one your cell is going do divide into 100 pieces


1.) When you start,first thing what you should do is to find a virus because you can farm them and come to leaderboard in very short time

2.)It is recommended to buy Sleight of Hand for easier virus farming

3.) Be aware that mothercells are woth 200 mass so it would be good to eat them if there is not any viruses nearby

4.) To shot virus you need only one mass cell

1.) In map is smaller than maps in other servers

2.) When dividing,your cell is going to split fast

3.) Max amount of mass one cell can have is 20,000


1.) On this server one virus doesn't have mass of 100 but they have mass smilar to 400 which is even bigger than mothercell

2.) Since there is alot of viruses you should not worry about bigger players to eat you


1.) It is recommended to buy Macro Split from shop for faster splits

2.)If you want to eat one player,then follow him until he make some mistake and then eat him

3.) On this server if you are bigger then it would be easier to move

4.) This server is mainly maded for solo


1.) This server is also mainly maided for solo.It very rare to see team

2.) It is better to allways be splited into 2 cells because then when someone wants to eat you you can just connect with you other cell and eat your opponent and it is good bait

3.) Max amount of mass that one cell can have is 45,000


1.) Recommended to buy Sleight of Hand from shop for better virus farming

2.) If there aren't any viruses nearby, you should start with eating mothercells

3.) If you are divided into many pieces,you can drag all pieces except one,and then mothercell is going to turn your pieces into a mass cells which you can eat


1.) On servers: Crazy,PopSplitParadise,X_EU Instant,,SplitRunParadise,X-TestServer,XY-TestServerInsta there are secret rooms. In the first room players can find a portal, and on occasion a gold brick.In the second room they can find Recombin Powerup,speed and +2500 mass.

2.)Type Spin in chat for spinning your playercell, Flip to flip your playercell, Shake to shake your playercell, Wacky to laugh your playercell, and Jump to jump (which is obvious)

3.)If you shoot mass in a portal, dark purple mass cells are going to  come out of it and players are gona start spawning on those mass cells

4.) If you shoot mass in Gold Brick,Gold Brick will thrown out coins

5.)There are money on different servers in different denominations, money from time to time respawns on the map


in Crazy-200 coins

in PopSplit Paradise-300 coins

in X_EU Instant-200 coins

in Supersonic EU-200 coins

in SlowSplit Virus Farm-350 coins

in Gigantic-200 coins

in Selffeed-200 coins

6.)You can move Golden Bricks

7.) Есть также вторая секретная комната, и чтобы в нее попасть, надо закидывать массу в портал до пука. Далее нужно закинуть массу еще 7 раз, телепортнуться - И ВСЕ! Во второй секретной комнате намного больше бустов, чем в 1. Еще можно потроллить человека, который хочет зайти во вторую тайную комнату - когда он телепортируется, закиньте 1 массинку и все! Он не в секретной комнате!

8.) In first room players can get infinite coins.Since +2500 mass spawns in room about every 5 minutes,you can use it for shooting mass in Golden Brick and get coins

By FilipCro125
(edited by xEclipticRosex and plochowska and NinerGosha)