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Tricks in can be hard to do, there are many varieties and some people don't even know about them. A few examples are: Solosplits, Cannons, Tricksplits, Popsplits, Line Splits, etc.

Some are easy to do and some need training, many players are good at all or at least most of the things listed above .



Solosplits can sometimes be complicated because they work differently in each server, my personal favourite server for solosplits is Gigantic 1, 2 and 3. There's a lot of trial and error when learning to do solosplits in because, it works differently in every server.

Solosplits can be done with or without the freeze ability, in the Gigantic server, you have to have more than 7k mass but less than 40k, if you have 40k or more, you have to use the freeze ability or else you will leave a lot of mass behind you and it will be mostly useless to do. You can buy the freeze ability for a day with coins or you have can have it for free with a gold membership. You buy the freeze ability in the shop.

If you have more than 40k mass in the Gigantic server then you 1)start with freeze, 2)hold the W button and then press Z for about 1 second, 3)freeze and unfreeze for short amounts of time (less than a second) so you won't have any mass dragging behind you. It sounds complicated but it's simple.

In other servers the solosplit works differently, so you have to 'know your servers' and train with a friend if you want.



Cannons are easy to do but are just as easy to reverse. This trick split needs 2 people to do and can be reversed by one person or more at the same time.

To do a cannon then the 1st person must be split in two halves and the second person will be in the middle with less than half of the mass. The 1st person will then split into many small pieces; the 2nd person will then immediately split and eat the person that they are trying to eat; Cannons are almost the same in every server.


Tricksplits are simple and are similar but not the same as cannons; The're practically done the same way except that the 1st person isn't split in 2 halves.


Popsplit are done by one person and need a person near a virus to be done; There is a server in called Popsplit Paradise that was designed for popsplits - you can split into many pieces in popsplit paradise and popsplit easily, when you split your pieces are 'flown' across the map (just around you).

Popsplit are done when you're just as big or a little bigger but not too big than the other person. The person who is going to be popsplit should be beside a virus or a mother cell, you will then double split or split once depending on how close/big you are.

Popsplits are easily reversed as well and you can 'bait' someone into popsplitting you or trying to popsplit you and you can reverse it by splitting in the opposite direction (towards the person who is trying to eat you) and either you will be the same size or you will be bigger.

(all pictures used in this article are not mine so credit to the owners :D. You can try all or most of the tricks here with bots)


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