So the tricksplit is one of the most famous tricks in It's pretty easy to do it, and there isn't much skill needed for this trick. The idea of the tricksplit is eating someone who is almost even big as you are. How to do it:

You two players for this trick. One of the players needs to split four times (16 pieces). The other player does have a easy job: split in the enemy. Be sure that the other player is big enough to eat your 16 pieces with splitting!.

Popsplit ==== Popsplit is a popular trick that can be very effective to your target,You don't need a other player for it. The idea of the popsplit is eating someone who is bigger/smaller than you.However this trick requires a virus to work, the way to do it is to chase somebody until your target is close to a virus.After that you just need to split into 4 pieces [Press D]