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1) If you still need to start making videos on Youtube you should have already prepared some videos to post ... especially at the beginning you will have to post many videos in order to get lots of subscribers

2) Join the forum of ( and the Discord group. There you can meet the other members, youtubers and administrators of the game

3) Besides the gameplay of when you play, also put tutorials and if you can some giveaways

4) Be followed on youtube by all the people you know and ask them to like your videos, so your videos will be seen as soon as someone searches for on Youtube

5) Ask Sora (founder of if he can help you share your channel and your videos, so that more players will begin to see your fantastic videos!

6) Make good editing of your videos, adding overlays and other effects! That will make your video will be more attractive!

Now I'm going to start telling you what to do after becoming a full-fledged Youtuber.

First post at least 1 video every 4 days (if you can - so Youtube will see that you are active and will focus on your videos)

If you can't spend money:

Here you will find tasks to complete. Once completed, within a few days you will be rewarded (only if they are quality posts, of course)

Since you are a I advise you to do the first two, which give many more gifts.

The first is to create a video for the channel, while the second one allows you to earn from $ 100 to $ 500, if you have reached 10K subs.

Sora can reward you with gold membership, bots and coins.

Ask Sora if you need to make a special video (for example: eating 1000 growth pellets!)

Being Youtuber, when reaching 1000 subs you will have access to the content creator role . As you get more and more subscribers you will have access to extra benefits.

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