Wearables are hats that players can wear in the game and show to their friends and family.They can be bought in shop with coins expect Yellow Partyhat which is only available to Gold Members only. Currently there are currently 24 hats. Hats are the most expensive items in the game.

The most expensive one currently is Santa Hat.

You can press the try button button and see what your favorite wearable(s) look like on your cell.

You can only select 5 five wearables on your cell. (The game will not let you go over 5.)

The four wearables that has been added first and in the game ( are Wizard Hat, Santa Hat, Blue party hat and yellow party hat.

Wizard Hat

The first hat is the Wizard Hat.The Wizard Hat is a very rare item that can be bought in the shop for 2,000,000 coins. A lot of coins I know.


Decription: This is very rare hat. If you own this hat, you may wear it on your player cell everyday.Your opponents will envy you for your rich coin status. Once you play your cell with this hat you will feel skillful and sophisticated.

Santa Hat

Second hat is Santa Hat. Santa Hat is an extremely rare item that can be bought for 4,000,000 coins or be won in Spin To Win. It is currently the most expensive item and wearable in the entire game.

Description: You are the richest player and sophisticated in the game If you own this hat or wearable, everyone will gather around you as if you were

Santa hat.png

Santa Claus of the game,

Blue Partyhat

Third hat is Blue Partyhat. Blue Partyhat can be bought in the shop for 2,147,000 coins. Blue Partyhat is currently the 3rd most expensive hat in the game.

Blue Partyhat.png

Description: A shiny blue party crown. Worth a lot of gold coins (2,147,000),When you wear this you'll feel rewarded or awesome and expensive.

Yellow Partyhat

The Fourth hat is Yellow Partyhat. Yellow Partyhat is only avaliable to Gold Members.(They get it for free) It doesn't have an expense or cost but if it was i'm sure it would cost a lot of gold coins.

Description: A shiny yellow party crown. Only available to Gold Members. Become a Gold Member to wear this hat for free with no expense. Whenever you wear this you'll feel like a king or queen.


Minion eyes

A pair of grey minion eyes. 3rd cheapest wearable in the whole game of Nothing really exciting about it, just some wearable that's it, better then nothing but a boring plain cell

Capture d’écran 2018-04-23 à 14.24.34.png

Description: Grey eyes with a pair of minion goggles.

Green eyes

A pair of green eyes. Nothing really special about it, but better then nothing but a plain boring cell

Green eyes.png

Expense : 400,000

Mustache and glasses

" A funny mask", This mask is 700k Gold coins mask. Not as special as others but its more better then a basic cell.

Capture d’écran 2018-04-23 à 14.24.14.png

Expense: 700,000

Cartoons arms and legs

"When wearing this items your cell will look like a funny cartoon figure.". A pair of arms and legs that costs 750k Gold coins.


Expense: 750,000

Anime red hair

Put this hair on and you will looks like anime character!! Really stylish and more better then a bald cell.

Capture d’écran 2018-04-23 à 14.33.17.png

Expense: 800,000

Evil horns

mwahahaha! Become an evil cell of with this item or wearable. Maybe your opponents will think twice about try

Capture d’écran 2018-04-23 à 14.33.08.png

Expense: 750,000

Wooden shield

Wear it and say : "you shall not pass!!!"Become a combatant or warrior with this item or wearable


Expense: 400,000

Thug wearables

You can become a agma's thug in 3 ways :

1.Wear the Thug life glasses, Thug life smoke and Thug life Cap.

Expense: 1,000,000 ; 1,000,000 ; 1,200,000


You are a knight now after adding this item or wearable on your plain cell!


Expense: 600,000


Real Vikings play with it. There are trees in Maybe your opponents will think twice coming across you.


Expense: 600,000


"The ultimate wrecker spikes ! Your opponents will fear you when you wearing this spikes.""how do i eat him/her". Fear those that try to eat you.


Expense: 1,500,000

Spine ball

"One thousand prickly spines will cover your cells.Nobody will dare be eating or coming across you !"

Spine ball.png

If you want to be like an Hedgehog (not Sonic) it's THE wearable !

Expense: 1,900,000

Lady hat

Oh my darling you look so beautiful ! "be a cell?, oh who am i kidding lets become a model"

Die die my darling die.png

Expense: 900,000

Witch hat

"trick or treat" the film-

Witch hat.png

Tricking players with this witch hat, play with your black cat for a funny experience.

Expense: 900,000

4/21/18 Updates

This updates added 4 new wearables :

Capture d’écran 2018-04-22 à 19.21.31.png

-Officer hat (2,200,000)


-Blue hat (1,900,000)

Capture d’écran 2018-04-22 à 19.21.39.png

-Red cap (1,400,00)

-Yellow glasses (1,200,000)

Gold Crown.png

Capture d’écran 2018-04-22 à 19.21.56.png

by 7shoes (6/21/18)

February,19 updates

In this update we got to see 4 new wearables, and that are:

Emperor Crown which costs 1,500,000 coins

Emperor Sceptre which costs 1 million coins

Steampunk hat which costs 1 million coins

Goggles which costs 800,000 coins

by FilipCro125