What is Gold Membership? is a free game for all members. However, if you wish, you may purchase a gold membership for only $4 a month. Gold players have a sense of pride over other players knowing that they have advantages and cool designs most players don't.

What are the benefits of Gold Membership?

  1. Gold members have special wearables and a golden nickname which make gold members stand out, as well as gold member only skins.
  2. Gold members also get special abilities such as starting out twice normal size, and many more.
  3. Lastly, you have a much bigger storage for powerups like recombine and speed.

In conclusion, becoming a gold member is a very cheap way to gain a fair but still strong advantage on players. At only $4 a month, gold membership costs less than 14 cents a day. Surely you can spare that much change for such an advantage!

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