Are you a lazy player who doesn't want to play 24/7 to get that wearable via coins? Or something like that?

So you decide to go search up coin hack, bot hack, or free gold membership hack? Maybe even free account usernames and passwords?


Well I'm going to stop you right there, you unruly 9 year old! Here is some info about hacking and why you should never choose to go and attempt to hack!



First, some hack websites and stuff like that:

Some coin hacking websites and stuff like that:

A: GodMods


Some website called or something like that has legit hacks for any game.

This coin hack was spotted by a wild me.

First of all, there is no coin hack. You read the instructions and then you click on the free coins generator button and then you sit there for 5 seconds wondering why you're still there.


B: Churchtownfire

You click on the link. It asks you to click allow to verify you're not a robot.There is no button. Yikes

Some bot hacking websites and stuff like that:

A: Greasyfork


So you download Tampermonkey, then you install the desired script. Then you go to

It doesn't work.

Let's be a bit more broad.

None of the free bot scripts work.

B: Pinterest



Some gold member hacking websites and stuff like that:


It's by It's an April Fools joke. There is no free membership. Haha


Some free account websites and stuff like that:


Useless account usernames and passwords.

Why you should never hack

A: Time

They're a waste of your time and they don't even work.

B: Ban


You're actual account could get banned, thus losing your stuff.

C: Malware


The website might include a download which has a virus in it, so you'll screw up your PC system.

D: Stupidity

How dumb are you? Can't you just take a month to farm coins and then enjoy the results? Hacks are so idiotic!

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